Vision statement

Sustainability & Monthly Donations

Each month we select a certain charity or cause to support to raise awareness and also provide our customers the opportunity to assist not only the planet but also eachother.

Sustainability is a big part of our message here at Lowdown.
Every single item we save and offer to our customers is one less potential piece of clothing that needs to be produced in the future.

It takes on average 2700 liters of water to produce one cotton t-shirt, the average water drunk by a human over 2 and a half years!

We are always looking for new and interesting products to offer to our customers, but we still need these products to fall within our sustainability guidelines.

Our new ranges of custom design t-shirts are made using organic cotton, manufactured locally to reduce the impact of transit, and produced to a high standard to give you longer-lasting clothes. We have worked with our manufacturers to reduce the carbon footprint of the production of a t-shirt by up to 90%.

May Donation - Community Canteen