Lowdown Vintage vintage was created in late 2020, we love all things vintage from clothing to cars and everything in between.

Never the type to blend in, our passion for alternative stand-out designs and the desire to source clothes that were different from anything you’ll see everyone else wearing.

Plenty of fast fashion retailers had popped up over the years prompting the growing popularity of vintage clothing and the conscious effort that some consumers are willing to take to secure pre-loved vintage items.

Please be mindful that many of these items are well over a decade old and can have some defects, in my opinion, it adds character and gives you the confirmation that these items have some cool history/memories behind them.

Ensure that you are checking the Grading area on each item to see the condition etc
As a vintage company, we refuse to load up filters on my items as I'd like you to see exactly what you are getting.

Our core values remain, and that is to provide high-quality vintage clothing from a variety of brands and source rare and iconic pieces that you’d struggle to find anywhere else. 

Stay tuned for some exciting times ahead.